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MagicAl prides itself on providing all customers the unique experience of preserving their exquisite floors and countertops with our specialized restoration products without having to compromise time and money by hiring a professional.

I am committed to treating each one of my customers with the same care and dedication as when the business was started 20 years ago.

Here are actual consumer letters written to MagicAl:

I wanted to be sure to thank you for the superb job that you and your team did in bringing my stainless steel garage doors and gates back into "like new condition!" As you know, I tried to clean my stainless steel clad garage doors recently and, unfortunately, ended up scratching them in the process. I went back to the manufacturer and my contractor and neither could determine a method to repair the doors. While I know the fine work that your company does on keeping the limestone flooring in my house looking like new, it wasn't until I saw your ad on stainless steel repair that I thought to call you! Thank you for advertising!

As you know, the repair that you and your team performed wasn't a standard repair. I thank you for your willingness to spend approximately four weeks to research the correct method to bring the door back into proper condition.

Your team of five people found the right solution and completed the repair and maintenance on the garage doors and gates in one day. When I arrived home that evening, I couldn't believe how good they looked! I think they look better than when they were first installed! Thank you again for your professional expert work. It's always been a pleasure to work with you and your team and I look forward to the next time we need your services! It's a pleasure to do business with you!

Many thanks.


I do have a smile on my face! I just looked at the marble counter in my bathroom and I'm writing to thank you for a fine job and for honoring your original estimate, even thought it was made 3 years ago!

Your men did indeed keep your promise. They were professional, neat and courteous and really made a difference in our counter. Your can be proud of these two young gentlemen representing your firm.

I really worried a lot about the way their effort would work out and so I wanted you to know that this little note though written on paper, I hope you will consider it is written in stone.

Thank you,

-Rosalie M.

Thank you for the superb job your employees Gama Covarrubias and Enrique Amaro completed at my home here in Lake Havasu City, AZ this past week. They were very professional & knowledgable in their work & very kind gentlemen. I highly recommend your company and would be happy to allow you to use my home as a model for future customers. All of my travertine now shines!!

Thank You,

-Virginia M. Lake Havasu City, AZ

I am writing you in commendation of one of your employees, Gamaliel.

Gama arrived on time and was professional and courteous. He explained the process of how he was going to clean my floors which was much appreciated. Gama did a very nice job restoring my marble, travertine floors, and granite countertops. I am amazed how good my travertine floors could be!

Gama is pleasant and did a beautiful job. I will definately call The Ground Floor again to maintain my floors and countertops but I would like Gama to do the work as he was excellent!! You have a great employee in your company.

Thanks again...and I will tell my friends!

-Kat P.

I am a window washer who restores and seals shower glass. I have tried many products and concoctions to remove the hard water stains, with somewhat limited success. I was always hesitant to assure people that I could clean their doors so they would be clear. Your product is amazing. The doors I have been able to get clear surprises me. Needless to say my customers are thrilled. The cleaner has helped me sell the sealing process.

Thank you.

-Tom Spitz

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for saving our new floor! We are so appreciative of your help, you are TRULY a miracle worker! We had been told, by many other professionals, that our new, very expensive, limestone kitchen floor was permanently destroyed from an acidic lemonade spill. The lemonade left deep, dark etch marks on the limestone.

We tried many other products, spending a great deal of money, yet nothing removed the stains. How upsetting to have a beautiful new kitchen with this awful and large mark on the floor! We spent several sleepless nights worrying about the floor and contemplating possibly having to tear it out and replace it.

Then you came along, Al! In less than five minutes not only were the stains removed from our kitchen floor, but I actually removed them myself (with very little effort)! Wow! Your product is incredible! We are excited to have it here, to use as needed in the future! We would highly recommend this product [Floor Magic] for anyone with a natural stone floor! We are so thankful for your expertise and look forward to trying your other products and services.

Sincerely yours,

-Dr. and Mrs. Douglas G.

Just wanted to tell you that your granite cleaner is the best! I have a circle of friends and family now that ask how my granite always looks better than theirs, and I have to give up some of my cans when I get mine! There isn't a product on the shelves that comes close to the results of your product, and I know it's safe for the natural stone.

Really, nothing gives the granite the beautiful lustre as your product, and with so little effort.

-Mindy R.

The floor looks great! Enrique and Victor did a great job. They were pleasant & professional as well.

Thank you!

-Kris M.

MagicAl cleaning supplies will NEVER HARM any precious tile or stone, while removing unsightly scratches, tarnished finishes or harmful bacteria from their surface.

These are the very best products used in the restoration industry and The Ground Floor™!


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