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Shortly after I began the business, many of my customers were thrilled with the restoration results but expressed the same question: How do I maintain my floors looking so pristine in my home? I recognized the need to create and distribute products for my customers to use on their own, so that with minimum effort their restored or new product would remain in immaculate condition. The Ground Floor wasted no time and began providing my customers what they needed with my new MagicAl line of Stone Kleen for Floors and Stone Kleen for Counters.

The MagicAl line was specifically designed to offer my customers household-sized products, with the same ingredients used by The Ground Floor™, without the inconvenience of having to lug around industrial size buckets.

But this was not enough. I heard potential customers convey frustration that whenever toilet bowl cleaner or other acid-based chemicals would splash onto their polished stone bathroom tile, the luminous shine would be permanently tarnished (at least until I came back to restore it). This same situation applied when customers would use cleaning chemicals to scrub soap scum off walls or shower glass doors. Again, the shine from the polished marble, travertine or limestone would begin to etch away, leaving a dull, old appearance. Even window cleaner, with its damaging blue dye, would drip down the mirror to the counter top. MagicAl was determined to produce cleaning products that would eliminate bacterial toxins while allowing bathroom tile and stone floors to naturally shine.

Finally, my customers didn’t want to have to go to great expense to remove water rings, soda marks and small scratches from their marble (or other polished stone) coffee tables, night stands and floors. They craved a product that would allow them the ability to easily correct these small, yet unsightly flaws, preserving the beauty of the natural stone. Thus Stone Magic Polishing Crème was born, the first of its kind in the industry.

So, over the years I have developed, with the help of some of the greatest chemists in the U.S., a group of products I am proud to offer to you for residential use. When you see MagicAl on any of my fine products - it is your assurance of quality and confidence that you can use on or near any polished natural stone or marble WITHOUT harming its texture, appearance or shine.


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