Glass Restoration

We didn’t invent scratch removal – we simply perfected the process.

The Ground Floor incorporates the GlassRenu System of Glass Repair. Using the industry’s most advanced equipment and process for the removal of even the deepest scratches or acid damage, commonly resulting from graffiti vandalism on all types of flat glass. Additionally, it removes even the oldest, hardest, mineral deposits on shower and window glass.

The GlassRenu Scratch Removal System was designed as the premier solution for:
  • Glass repair professionals.
  • High volume maintenance and repair depot technicians
  • Graffiti removal specialists

Unlike products or systems offered by other manufacturers, GlassRenu features a simplified 3-step grinding/polishing process that removes scratches or acid damage of all sizes quickly — with no discernable distortion.

The streamlined process is made possible through the use of the uniquely designed and color-coded RenuDisks for “selective” grinding in the first stage of scratch removal. Selective grinding means using the pre-determined size (up to 8 inch diameter) and color of disk (grinding range) best suited to the depth and type of scratch. The GlassRenu system helps to take the guesswork out of scratch removal.

The cushioned disks allow for significant stock removal to effectively eliminate scratches much deeper than any other system on the market – without the worry of creating swirls or leaving distortion in the glass.

Final-stage polishing is enhanced by our advanced-formula GlassRenu Polishing Compound. When used with the high-grade polishing equipment provided in our system, the polishing time required to finish the repair is dramatically reduced, thereby making the operator more productive and equipment more cost efficient to use.

After that, a hydrophilic sealer is applied. The causes water to “sheet” off the glass and not leave spotting. So throw away those squeegees for the shower. No need for them. Soap scum can’t accumulate on the glass, and every several months or so, a quick cleaning with a micro fiber cloth and the rejuvenating cleaner restores it to look like when we leave. Less business for us, more savings for you. Call us today 818-887-6413 for more information or to schedule a No-Cost, No-Obligation site visit.



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